If you are interested in relaxing facial wrinkles to achieve a natural appearance, the board-certified dermatologists at Dallas Dermatology Partners look forward to addressing your needs. We use neuromodulators, such as Dysport, Botox, and Jeaveau to gently relax dynamic facial and neck muscles to soften lines and achieve a more youthful, refreshed appearance. As Dr. Dickson says, “less is more is my mantra” because at Dallas Dermatology Partners, we believe that you should always look like YOU and never appear “done” or “frozen.”

What can neuromodulators treat?

When should I get Dysport?

“My patients often ask me when they should start getting neuromodulator injections. The answer is when there are wrinkles at rest. For some, it is age 22 and others, it is 40. Everyone is different - it varies with genetics and history of sun exposure.” Dr. Dickson says.


How long does Dysport take to work?

It generally takes 3-7 days for the initial effect to be noted and 2 weeks for maximum benefit to be achieved. If it is your first treatment, it is advised that a follow-up appointment be scheduled at 2 weeks in order to assess your response to treatment and perform any touch ups if needed.


What do I need to do after my Dysport procedure?

For 1-2 hours after treatment, you may work the areas treated by wrinkling/raising the forehead, frowning, and smiling. This helps integrate the product into your muscles. You may apply makeup immediately following your treatment. If it is your first treatment, a mild headache after treatment may be experienced.


Is there anything I need to avoid after my Dysport procedure?

While regular activity can be resumed immediately after injections, heavy exercise should be avoided for the remainder of the day in order to reduce the risk of bruising. Do not bend down with your head below your waist and do not lay down during the first 4 hours. No downward dog or inversions for 24 hours.


How do I minimize my bruising risk?

Ingestion of the following substances should be avoided for 1-3 days: Omega-3 fatty acids, Fish oil, Aspirin, NSAIDs (including Advil, Ibuprofen, Motrin, Aleve), Vitamin E, Ginseng, Ginger, Gingko Biloba, Garlic, Green Tea, Alcohol, Salt. There is a higher risk of bruising around the eyes because the skin is thinner and there are more microvessels. Other areas are very low risk.


What happens if I get a bruise?

Bruising is not uncommon and sometimes unavoidable as there are numerous micro-vessels in the skin of the face, particularly around the eyes.

Here are a few tips and solutions if bruusing does occur after your procedure:

  • Carefully apply makeup (stick foundations and concealers work best) to camouflage the bruise.
  • Injection point bruises can be improved by applying organic apple cider vinegar with a cotton tip applicator.
  • Large or dark bruises which are unable to be suitably camouflaged can be treated with a vascular laser within 1-2 days after treatment.

Schedule your Dysport Treatment Today

Call us today to find out more about dysport injections. We offer alternatives, such as Botox injections and Jeaveau. If you are unsure which injectable is the right one for you, our board certified dermatologists will help you choose the correct one for you during your consultation. Our practice welcomes patients throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area, including Addison, Richardson, Frisco and Plano. Schedule your Dallas dysport treatment today.

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