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How to Get Rid of Crepey Skin on Your Face

Genius RF microneedling is one of the most effective ways to reverse crepey skin on your face and is often called the “non-surgical facelift.” It combines the benefits of traditional microneedling with advanced radiofrequency (RF) technology to address a range of skin concerns.

Patients of all ages and skin types can benefit from the tightening power of Genius RF microneedling to drastically diminish fine lines and improve the overall experience of their skin. Some patients opt to pair Genius RF Microneedling with Sculptra for a powerful combination therapy to stimulate deeper collagen production.

Consult Dallas Dermatology Partners to see if this treatment is right for you.

How Genius RF Microneedling Works

Administered by a licensed dermatologist at Dallas Dermatology Partners, the FDA-approved Genius RF device uses ultrafine, specially insulated microneedles to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin (where collagen is produced) and create microchannels. Simultaneously, controlled radiofrequency energy is delivered to those deeper layers of skin, promoting new collagen fiber growth and elastin production and resulting in tighter, firmer, and smoother skin. The procedure typically lasts between 15 to 30 minutes.

This dual-action approach stimulates the skin’s natural healing process and promotes collagen production, improving texture, reducing fine lines, and tightening the skin. It also targets both the superficial and deeper layers of skin, creating dramatic results that last longer than other treatments.

What to Expect From A Genius RF Microneedling Treatment

Before undergoing Genius RF Microneedling at Dallas Dermatology, you’ll have a consultation with one of our board-certified dermatologists. During the consultation, we will assess your skin, discuss your concerns and goals, and create a customized treatment plan tailored to your unique needs. We will also explain what to expect during and after the procedure and address any questions or concerns you may have before application.

The procedure lasts between 15 and 30 minutes, during which your skin will be penetrated by the specially insulated microneedles of the Genius RF Microneedling device. These needles are designed to penetrate the deeper layers of skin (where collagen is produced) and deliver high-intensity radiofrequency energy. The radiofrequency energy stimulates new collagen fiber growth, resulting in naturally tighter, firmer, and smoother skin. Please see an example on the knee skin tightening below.

genius rf microneedling knees before
Knee Skin Tightening – Before Genius RF Microneedling
genius rf microneedling knees after
Knee Skin Tightening – After Genius RF Microneedling

Common Concerns

A common concern from patients is pain management. While the Genius RF device does penetrate the skin using microneedles, it is typically well-tolerated. Most patients describe the sensation as a mild prickling or tingling. Topical numbing cream may be applied before the procedure to enhance your comfort. In some cases, nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is used to relax anxious patients and increase pain tolerance. Patients can drive home after a procedure.

Following the Genius RF Microneedling treatment, you may experience mild redness and swelling, which typically subside within a few days. Our practitioners will provide post-treatment care instructions to optimize healing and results. Following these guidelines and avoiding excessive sun exposure is essential to protect your newly treated skin.

What is Crepey Skin?

Crepey skin tends to impact large areas, such as the face, neck, and décolleté area. It is characterized by noticeably thin, fragile skin that can sag and feel loose. It can occur anywhere on the body but is most prone to the delicate facial area.

woman with crepey skin

Many factors can lead to crepey skin, including the following:

  • Sun Damage
  • Aging & Collagen Loss
  • Genetics
  • Extreme Weight Loss
  • Chronic Stress
  • Inflammation
  • Poor diet
  • Smoking

Whether you have crepey skin or deep-set wrinkles, Genius RF microneedling can help improve your skin’s elasticity, leading to firm, rejuvenated skin.


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Book a Dallas Dermatology appointment today to learn about Genius RF Microneedling or other skincare treatments, such as the  Moxi laser treatment. We are ready to help you achieve tighter, smoother, and more radiant skin.

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Tighten up Skin Non-Surgically With SkinTyte

There is a safe, non-surgical solution for addressing loose skin on the lower face and neck. SkinTyte by Sciton is the most advanced skin tightening treatment that harnesses the power of broad band light technology. This BBL laser treatment delivers spectacular results and has no downtime, making it a popular request here in our Dallas dermatology office.

How does SkinTyte laser tighten skin?

SkinTyte improves the appearance of mild to moderate skin laxity by gently heating dermal tissue and stimulating collagen production. The device delivers pulses of high-intensity infrared light into the dermis, causing the fibers to contract and tighten. This triggers the body’s innate healing response along with collagen remodeling. As new collagen is formed, the result is improved skin elasticity and firmness along with a more youthful appearance. The system has a built-in cooling mechanism that regulates temperature for a safe and comfortable treatment.

Does SkinTyte work on the face?

Yes, Sciton SkinTyte is used to tighten up sagging skin on the face, particularly the jowls, cheeks, and nasolabial folds. The device can be used on other parts of the body as well, such as the neck, stomach, thighs, and arms.

Is BBL SkinTyte painful?

No, BBL SkinTyte is not painful, and the treatment does not call for a topical anesthetic cream. The majority of patients describe BBL therapy as relaxing. Each pulse of broad band light produces a mild sensation of warmth.

How long is a SkinTyte treatment?

It takes between 30 and 40 minutes to perform a SkinTyte treatment on the face and neck. The length of your procedure will depend on the areas of skin being treated.

When will I see results from SkinTyte?

Results will vary on the settings utilized, but most will see measurable results from their SkinTyte treatment after 8-12 weeks.

What kind of downtime can I expect?

Because the SkinTyte procedure is non-invasive and non-surgical, you can return to your normal daily activities right away. There is no peeling or lengthy recovery period. Mild redness and a sunburn sensation are normal afterward but resolve within a few minutes. Be sure to limit UV exposure and use a broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect your skin following the treatment.

How many sessions of SkinTyte do you need?

This will be determined during a one-on-one consultation with our dermatologists, but the average patient requires a series of 3 to 5 SkinTyte treatments to achieve maximum results. These sessions are usually spaced one month apart.

How long do SkinTyte results last?

A healthy lifestyle and daily sun protection can help maintain and prolong SkinTyte results. Smoother, firmer skin can last for up to two years.

Am I a good candidate for non-surgical skin tightening?

SkinTyte is a revolutionary BBL treatment for people with moderate skin looseness, not extreme laxity. It’s safe for those with darker skin tones and is completely customizable.
Find out if SkinTyte is right for you by scheduling an appointment with Dallas Dermatology Partners.

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The Best Cosmetic Anti-Aging Treatments to Ask Your Dermatologist About

Thanks to significant advances in dermatology and non-invasive techniques, it’s easier than ever to look fresh and rested at virtually any age. If you’re looking for the best anti-aging cosmetic procedures, you’ve come to the right place. At Dallas Dermatology Partners, we offer a number of non-surgical, minimally invasive procedures that entail little if any downtime.

Banish wrinkles, plump up cheeks, and tighten up sagging jowls without the nip and tuck. Here’s a round-up of our top anti-aging procedures that deliver natural yet appreciable results.

Botox Injections

Do permanently etched worry lines and forehead furrows make you look older than your years? Repetitive facial expressions, along with skin laxity and lifestyle factors, create fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth, eyes, brows, and forehead. Botox is one of the most popular ways to turn back the clock with a few targeted injections. By stopping muscle contractions, this injectable softens wrinkles, and the results can last upwards of 4 months.

Chemical Peels

Looking for instant gratification and soft, dewy skin? Medical grade chemical peels are a safe and excellent way to brighten your complexion, lighten sun spots, and smooth out rough texture. Our dermatologists offer several types of peels– ranging from superficial to medium-strength– that are formulated to address your specific issues. Professional peels restore a more even skin tone as they rejuvenate mature and photo-aged skin.

Fractionated Laser Resurfacing

Laser treatments gently heat the dermis, creating micro-injuries that trigger the collagen remodeling process. The Palomar Icon 1540 is a non-ablative laser resurfacing procedure that fades hyperpigmentation, treats shallow acne scars, and improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Subtle cosmetic treatments like microdermabrasion are an effective way to achieve fresher, more youthful-looking skin. Deep exfoliation with the DiamondGlow™ hydrodermabrasion system is safe for the most sensitive skin. It works wonders on improving the appearance of age spots, enlarged pores, fine lines, blackheads, and acne scarring.

Genius RF Microneedling

Microneedling has been used by dermatologists for years to trigger the body’s self-repair mechanism for firmer, glowing skin. The latest iteration of this non-surgical skin rejuvenator is the Genius RF system that introduces radiofrequency energy. Genius RF microneedling is more effective at stimulating collagen and elastic synthesis for tighter and youthful looking skin. The treatment helps diminish fine lines, acne scars, and textural irregularities. It also enhances the efficacy of anti-aging topical products like retinoids and glycolic acid. Sometimes called “microneedling with a brain,” the Genius device has an intelligent hand piece that monitors energy levels as its passes over the skin. This allows dermatologists to customize the treatment for superior results.

BBL Photofacial

The best candidates for an BBL photofacial are those with light to fair skin, who are less prone to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This popular anti-aging procedure corrects a variety of skin concerns, from sunspots and enlarged pores to broken capillaries and general blotchiness.

Dermal Fillers

With time, the skin becomes thinner, less elastic, and loses volume, making wrinkles and lines more noticeable. Along with Botox injections, dermal fillers are a non-invasive way to rejuvenate the face and restore youthful contours around the cheeks, chin, and eyes. Depending on the type of fillers used, the results can last anywhere from 6-18 months.

Anti-Aging Treatment Consultation in Dallas

Whether it’s hyperpigmentation, volume loss, or crow’s feet, there’s a treatment for virtually any skin concern– and many can be done during your lunch break. For more information about anti-aging cosmetic procedures, book your Dallas dermatology appointment online, or give us a call.

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