Lip Rejuvenation

Whether you are interested in addressing aging around the mouth or you would like a natural lip enhancement, the dermatologists at DDP have you covered.

Lip enhancement can be achieved with hyaluronic acid lip fillers to provide a subtle, natural appearance without the notorious, overdone "duck-lip" appearance.  Fine lines in the lips secondary to volume loss can be softened with a very soft filler to provide a more hydrated appearance to the lips.

One of the most common concerns we encounter is aging around the mouth. Patients are often distressed by vertical lip lines, deep nasolabial folds, a downturned smile, and jowls.

Lip Rejuvenation Before & After

Vertical lip lines because we have a circular muscle, the orbicularis oris, that encircles the mouth and its contractions result in the formation of lines. Drinking out of straws and smoking contribute to the formation of these lines since these actions involve exercising this muscle. In addition, some individuals may genetically have a stronger orbicularis oris muscle that results in deeper lines.

Treatments with neuromodulator, such as Botox or Dysport, relaxes this muscle and smooths out lines. Small amounts of fine line filler can be placed for more moderate or deeper lines to further soften their appearance. Our dermatologists will put together a multifaceted plan to rejuvenate the area around your mouth to get you looking the way you feel.

Furthermore, we offer a non-ablative fractionated laser resurfacing around the mouth to tighten mild laxity and soften lines without any downtime.  A series of medical-grade microneedling can also be performed to produce similar results.

Start looking the way you feel with subtle but meaningful results in lip rejuvenation. Learn more about lip fillers.

Lip Rejuvenation in Dallas

Our dermatologists combine the latest in cosmetic lip injectables to achieve natural results when performing a lip enhancement. With their extensive knowledge of facial anatomy and aesthetic harmony, you can feel confident that your procedure will be performed safely and provide the results you desire. Receive a personalized treatment plan by contacting Dallas Dermatology Partners to schedule your Dallas dermatology appointment.

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