Can Botox Help Bunny Lines?

Botox is very effective at eliminating bunny lines that are more prominent when smiling. For many people, these diagonal wrinkles on the bridge of the nose are a bothersome reminder of age and collagen loss.
In the hands of a board-certified dermatologist and skilled injector, bunny lines can be treated before they become deeply etched in the skin.

Botox for Bunny Lines

With sun exposure and the passing years, the skin becomes less elastic as elastin and collagen are gradually depleted. In addition, repetitive facial movements while laughing, smiling, or squinting cause dynamic wrinkles like bunny lines to develop.
These tiny wrinkles that appear when scrunching up the nose are subtle at first but can become etched into the skin over time. When this happens, bunny lines become static wrinkles, noticeable when the face is at rest.
Regardless if you’re looking to soften bunny lines or prevent them from forming, Botox is a safe and effective solution.

What is the Treatment Like?

The injectable works by temporarily blocking signals that tell muscles to contract. When the Nasalis muscle is relaxed, the scrunch lines, or bunny lines, begin to disappear.

Botox treatment for this is non-invasive and well-tolerated by all patients. Here’s what to expect:

  • The skin is cleaned with alcohol
  • The patient is asked to scrunch up their nose and then relax to identify injection sites
  • Small, superficial injections are administered at three points
  • Light pressure is applied to prevent bleeding and bruising

The procedure is over in 15 minutes, and patients can return to work and their everyday routines.

Botox Aftercare Tips

For cosmetic purposes, Botox has a robust safety profile. The most common side effects are redness at the injection site and mild bruising. The beauty of this injectable is that you can go about your normal life after the treatment. However, patients are asked to avoid massaging the injected area for 3-4 hours post-procedure.

How Long Do Results Last?

The skin-smoothing effects of Botox should kick in 4-7 days after the injections, and results generally last three to four months, depending on patient physiology and the dosage.
After several bunny line treatments with Botox, the results should last longer– anywhere from 6 -7 months.

Bunny Line Botox Treatment in Dallas

Seeking an experienced provider for Botox Dallas residents have come to trust? Our practice specializes in non-surgical skin rejuvenating treatments that deliver natural-looking results. Our goal is to help patients look and feel their best at every age without looking frozen or like they had “work” done.

Learn more about anti-wrinkle injections for bunny lines; book your Dallas dermatology appointment today or call our office.


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