Treat Melasma with A Melanage Peel

Give us six weeks, and we’ll give you beautiful, evenly toned skin. Here at Dallas Dermatology Partners, we offer the best treatment for managing hormonal pigmentation, known as melasma, and refining overall texture. Say goodbye to dark patches that can keep you from feeling your most confident self. Safe for all skin tones, the Melanage Peel for melasma delivers unparalleled results and is an easy way to brighten up your complexion.

Melanage melasma skin peel

The Melanage skin peel is one of the most effective ways to treat stubborn melasma, which commonly develops during pregnancy. Whether you have fair, medium, or dark skin, this system will leave you with clearer, glowing skin and only entails a week of social downtime.

Now is the perfect time of year for skin brightening peels that target hormonal pigmentation. Before heading out, simply mask up, throw on your favorite pair of shades, and no one will know you’re giving your complexion some much-needed TLC.

Significant Improvements in just 6 weeks

Statistics show that 70 percent of women develop melasma during pregnancy, but there’s no reason to live with this discoloration forever. The Melanage peel is a quick, in-office treatment with no discomfort that promises several benefits:

  •  Lightens dark spots
  • Increases collagen production
  • Improves skin texture and appearance of fine lines

Our dermatologists are thrilled to offer this completely painless skin peeling system that transforms your complexion in a matter of weeks. If you are struggling with hyperpigmentation and melasma caused by hormone changes, or UV exposure, you will be amazed at the results the Melanage peel can produce.

Once a year, refresh for glowing, clear skin

Ideal for lightening dark brown patches on the forehead, upper lip, chin, and cheeks, the Melanage peel includes 6 weeks of freshly compounded post-treatment creams. They are designed to speed up healing and achieve fast results. This intense peeling system is renowned for its longevity, with results lasting 12-18 months.

Melanage Melasma Peel in Dallas

Spring is the time to get your glow on and get the luminous, even-toned skin you’ve always wanted. Find out if this 30-minute melasma skin peel is right for you by scheduling your Dallas Dermatology appointment.

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