Best Non-Surgical Face Slimming Treatments

Dallas Dermatology Partners offers several minimally-invasive treatments that sculpt the jawline, reduce buccal fat, and slim facial contours. Non-surgical face slimming procedures are designed to improve aesthetic balance without the need for scalpels or significant downtime.

Utilizing the latest in cosmetic injectables, our board-certified dermatologists can recommend the best face slimming treatment to achieve your goals, whether you’re bothered by bulky masseter muscles, excess weight held in the cheeks, or the beginnings of sagging jowls and a double chin.

What is non-invasive face slimming?

Non-surgical facial slimming is used to contour and debulk certain areas of the face for a more v-shaped or oval profile. These treatments are ideal for men and women who want a more youthful and chiseled look, where cheekbones are pronounced and lower facial features are in balance. For some people, this means giving the chin more projection by reducing drooping jowls or submental fat. For others, it’s relaxing the chewing muscles that grow larger from teeth grinding and jaw clenching. Depending on specific patient needs and goals, face slimming may even be achieved with targeted injections of dermal fillers.

Best nonsurgical ways to slim the face

Our practice offers Dallas patients a number of non-surgical face slimming options that are virtually painless and entail minimal downtime. Here are some of our most requested procedures.

Slimming lower cheeks and jawline with Kybella

By now, everyone knows about double chin removal with Kybella – a synthetic deoxycholic acid that destroys fat cells with a series of micro injections. Once the adipose cells are destroyed, they will not come back, making this a permanent solution. This FDA injectable can also be used to slim the appearance of chubbiness in the lower part of the cheeks. Once the fat cells in the buccal fat pads are eliminated by Kybella, a square or round face takes on more v-line contours. It takes between four and six weeks to see initial face slimming results, with continued improvements after each Kybella treatment.

Botox for masseter muscles

Botox injections are famous for smoothing deep wrinkles and furrows in the skin. This same neuromodulator effect works on slimming a square-jawed face characterized by bulky chewing (masseter) muscles. Masseter Botox relaxes this strong jaw muscle that can enlarge in people who suffer from bruxism, and subconsciously grind or clench their teeth. The injections take less than 10 minutes, and most patients realize noticeable improvements in three weeks. The result is a more feminine, heart-shaped facial profile without invasive surgery.

Contouring with dermal filler

Strategic placement of dermal fillers like Juvederm Volumna and Restylane can produce a face slimming effect. While it often seems counterintuitive to add volume, our dermatologists have techniques that can give the cheeks and jawline more definition. Jaw contouring filler can minimize facial roundness and create a beautiful, well-defined jawline.

Dallas face slimming treatment consultation

Are you hoping to improve facial contours with the help of Botox in Dallas or other non-surgical face slimming treatments? Your journey to improved self-esteem and confidence begins right here. Book a Dallas dermatology appointment online, or give our Addison office a call.

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